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We market and transport every kind of sodium chloride: sea salt, evaporated salt, also known as "vacuum salt" due to its high NaCl content, and rock salt.
The close collaboration with leading Italian and European producers has enabled us to guarantee the highest quality standards, in compliance with every applicable legislation.


Salt, sodium chloride, occurs naturally and most of it is of marine origin, while a smaller amount is found as a solid mineral in dry land deposits, rock salt. Manufacturing processes vary greatly depending on the form in which sodium chloride is available.


Rock salt (Halite) was formed millions of years ago with the evaporation of sea water or salt lakes. The rock salt is then extracted from the underground deposits with various extraction techniques (grinding or explosions), depending on the destination of the product on the market.


Sodium chloride (NaCl) is found in abundance in nature and most of it is dissolved in sea water.

In the sea salt production tanks, the sea water, through a forced path in which the fractional crystallization is transformed into "salt" by natural evaporation.


The recrystallized or hyperpure boiling salt is extracted from underground deposits formed millions of years ago. The water is injected into the "salt bank" to create a cave where the brine is formed, then it is brought to the surface and purified. Subsequently, "recrystallization" will take place at the plant.