the salt we offer for the food industry is pure and it has a high-quality standard. for a strategic and fast-growing sector, we offer different types of salt to meet all production needs.

Cold Cuts and Sausages

Thanks to its organoleptic properties, sea salt plays a central role in the preparation of sausages and
salami. In general, a distinction is made between dry and brine salting.

Canning Industry

Salt is the basis for the preparation of preserves, to maintain food intact for a long time.
We recommend fine/medium dried sea salt without anticaking and/or evaporated salt.

Dairy Industry

Salt is used to ensure the preservation of dairy products and to enhance their taste. Different types of salt are used, depending on the kind of cheese and its manufacturing process.

Fish Products

In the fish processing industry, salt is one of the ideal products for preserving fish and protecting its quality.

Bakery and Confectionery Products

In baking and confectionery industry, salt plays a key role in enhancing flavour and texture.